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Product Description

Introducing the ZERO PINNACLE ZERTEC Vented Helmet with Integrated Koroyd Technology – setting a new standard for safety and comfort in high-altitude work environments. Engineered to deliver unmatched protection and breathability, this helmet is designed to keep you safe and comfortable during demanding tasks at elevation.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the ZERO PINNACLE ZERTEC features an innovative exoskeleton design combined with integrated Koroyd technology. This combination provides exceptional impact protection while optimising airflow, ensuring superior ventilation and heat dissipation.

The lightweight construction of the helmet minimises fatigue, allowing you to focus on your work without distractions. The adjustable fit system and chin strap ensure a snug and secure fit for every wearer, enhancing both safety and comfort.

Whether you're navigating construction sites, working on rooftops, or performing maintenance tasks at height, the ZERO PINNACLE ZERTEC Vented Helmet with Integrated Koroyd Technology offers the ultimate in protection and performance.

Product Information


Size: 54 - 62 cm

Material: ABS Advanced Thermo Material Shell exterior, high-density EPS polystyrene, Integrated Koroyd co-polymer engineered core

Dimensions: W 22.5cm x D 18cm x H 27cm

Weight: 445 G

Lifespan: Up to 10 years

Key Features

  • ABS Advanced Thermo Material Vented Shell exterior
  • Integrated Koroyd energy absorption system
  • High-density EPS
  • Integrated twICEme emergency NFC device
  • Sanitised antimicrobial washable inner textile padding
  • Adjustable chinstrap (chin strap releases at min. 500 N)
  • Attachment loop for stowage
  • Euro attachment system for hearing and face protection configurations
  • Headlamp clips
  • Ratchet adjustment system
  • Full and half-face direct fitting visors (sold separately)


  • PPE Regulations (EU) 2016/425
  • EN 12492:2012 - PR4.2.1 (Shock absorption), PR4.1.3 (Retention system, including a chin strap) PR4.2.3.(Retention system strength, Chin strap releases at min. 500 N)
  • EN 397:2012+ A1:2012- -40°C to +50°C; Protection against impacts at low temperatures (-40°C); Protection against impacts at high temperatures (+50°C)

About Zero

Our story starts with our vision. In short, it is to make safety an instinctive culture. We want everyone working in challenging environments to engage with PPE as instinctively as using a car seat belt.

Our purpose is driven by our vision and that is to provide innovative safety solutions to stay protected in challenging environments. We know user acceptance of PPE starts with providing solutions that people want to wear. That's why we stay at the forefront of technology-driven safety solutions.

ZERO® Height Safety is 100% New Zealand owned & operated. Celebrating 24 years of market leadership in fall protection solutions.

At ZERO®, we recognize the need for change to improve the safety of those who carry out work in challenging environments. Our equipment is the result of extensive global research, innovation and design.