Footwear Audit

At Dalton Safety, we understand the paramount importance of ensuring optimal health and safety in the workplace. A crucial aspect of this is the proper selection and maintenance of footwear, which directly impacts the well-being and productivity of your workforce. Our comprehensive footwear audit is designed to assess and improve footwear-related health and safety measures, ensuring that your employees are adequately protected in their work environments.

1. Initial Consultation: We begin by conducting an initial consultation to understand your organisation's specific needs, industry regulations, and workplace conditions. This allows us to tailor the audit process to address your unique requirements effectively.

2. On-Site Assessment: Our experienced team of safety experts conducts an on-site assessment of your workplace, carefully examining factors such as floor surfaces, potential hazards, and specific job roles. This hands-on evaluation provides valuable insights into the footwear needs of your employees.

3. Employee Interviews: We engage directly with your employees through interviews or surveys to gather feedback on their current footwear, comfort levels, and any existing issues or concerns. This firsthand input helps us better understand individual needs and preferences, ensuring a more personalised approach to footwear recommendations.

4. Footwear Evaluation: Our team meticulously evaluates the footwear currently worn by employees, assessing factors such as fit, durability, slip resistance, and compliance with safety standards. We identify any deficiencies or areas for improvement and provide detailed recommendations for suitable replacements or enhancements.

5. Product Recommendations: Based on the findings of the audit, we present a curated selection of footwear options tailored to the specific requirements of your workplace and workforce. Our extensive range includes safety boots, shoes, and accessories from trusted brands, ensuring both quality and compliance with industry standards.

6. Training and Education: We offer comprehensive training sessions and educational materials to equip your employees with the knowledge and skills necessary for proper footwear selection, fitting, and maintenance. This empowers them to make informed decisions and actively contribute to a safer work environment.

7. Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Our commitment to your organisation extends beyond the audit process. We provide ongoing support and maintenance services, including regular inspections, repairs, and replacements as needed, to ensure that your footwear program remains effective and sustainable over time.

Benefits of Our Footwear Audit Include:

  • Enhanced Safety: By identifying and addressing footwear-related hazards, our audit helps mitigate the risk of slips, trips, and falls, minimising workplace injuries and accidents.
  • Improved Comfort and Productivity: Properly fitting and supportive footwear promotes employee comfort and well-being, leading to increased productivity and morale.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Our recommendations align with industry regulations and standards, helping you maintain compliance and avoid potential fines or penalties.
  • Cost Savings: Investing in high-quality footwear tailored to your workplace requirements can result in long-term cost savings by reducing turnover, absenteeism, and worker compensation claims.

Partner with Dalton Safety today to schedule your comprehensive footwear audit and take proactive steps towards a safer and healthier workplace. Together, we can ensure that your employees are properly protected, comfortable, and ready to perform at their best.