Hearing Audit

Conducting a noise review on work premises involves assessing and measuring the
levels of noise present in the environment to ensure compliance with health and
safety regulations. Here is an overview of how a noise survey would typically be
1. Assessment of current hearing protection: We start by reviewing your current
hearing protection. This will include all variants of products in use and
protection. We will discuss any concerns you may have with your current
hearing protection.
2. Identification of problem areas: We identify the areas within the work premises
where noise measurements need to be taken and organise a suitable time for
measurements to be taken, you may have some applications where noise
levels are not continuous or might only be conducted on specific days.
3. Measurement locations: We will review all of the information gathered and
divide the premises into zones to systematically measure noise levels. Taking
into account different work activities, machinery, and equipment that
contribute to noise generation.
4. Measurement process: On the day of the noise review we will take multiple
measurements at each location to obtain accurate and representative data.
The measurements are recorded, noting the location, time, and specific work
activities occurring during each measurement. We will collate and record
average noise measurements taken at each location.
5. Data analysis and recommendations: After analysing the data we will identify
areas or work activities that exceed the acceptable noise levels and provide
recommendations of personal protective equipment. We will put forward a
wide selection of suitable products to offer the workforce a choice on their
hearing protection.
6. Implementation and training: Once hearing protection has been selected it is
important that employees understand when, where and how to use it correctly
and the implications of not wearing it as instructed. We will work with you on
this and provide the level of support required, this could be via fitting
instructions, training videos or face to face workshops.
7. Follow-up: After hearing control measures have been implemented, we will
advise the frequency of future reviews. In the interim we are on hand if you
have any questions or require additional advice or support.