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Slice Seam Ripper Blades (Rounded Tip)

Slice Seam Ripper Blades (Rounded Tip)

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Product Description

Looking for a safer alternative to traditional seam rippers? Check out the Slice® 10536 Seam Ripper Blades with Rounded Tip! Not only is the cutting side finger-friendly®, but the rounded tip also protects both the user and the material from accidental punctures. These versatile blades fit not only Slice seam ripper handles but also craft knives, the 10568 scalpel, and the Precision Knife. Made from 100% zirconium oxide, these rounded-tip seam ripper blades are chemically inert and never rust, ensuring your valuable fabrics won't be damaged by stains. Plus, the blades last up to 11 times longer than traditional blades, reducing costs and minimising handling injuries. Choose Slice for a safer and more efficient seam ripping experience!


Product Information



Material: zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 1.29 in x W0.24 in x H0.03 in

Weight: 0.02 lb

Key Features

  • 100% zirconium oxide blade that never rusts
  • Blade lasts on average 11.2x longer than metal blades

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About Slice®

Slice, based in Florida, was founded in 2008 by TJ Scimone. Always looking for new ideas, he collaborated with renowned designers to reimagine everyday cutting products, making them safer and easier to use. Since that time, Slice has developed a collection of award-winning safety cutters that increase productivity, lower costs, and, most importantly, reduce injuries. Slice tools are now used in major industries around the world.

Scimone founded Slice as a way to help fund long-term care for his autistic son. One percent of all Slice sales are donated to autism research.

At Slice, we know what’s important. We value safety, innovation, quality, simplicity, and community. These core values are evident in everything we do, from tool design to customer service.