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Slice Deburring Blade (Concave)

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If you're looking for a modern and safe deburring solution for your industrial projects, look no further than the Slice® 10484 Deburring Blade (Concave). With its unique concave design and extra straight, beveled edge, this blade offers unparalleled efficiency while reducing the risk of injury compared to traditional deburring tools.

The 10484 effortlessly removes burrs and defects from raw edges, delivering a clean and smooth finish on a wide range of materials, including sheet metal and injection-moulded plastics. Made from 100% zirconium oxide, a type of ceramic that is significantly tougher than steel, this blade is incredibly durable and long-lasting.

In fact, the Slice® 10484 Deburring Blade lasts up to 11 times longer than traditional blades, making it a cost-effective choice for long-term use in industrial settings. Upgrade your deburring process with the Slice® 10484 Deburring Blade (Concave) and experience improved efficiency, safety, and durability in your industrial projects.