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Slice Ceramic Scissors (Pointed Tip)

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Introducing the Slice® 10546 Ceramic Scissors (Pointed) - the perfect scissors for puncturing action on materials like bendy plastics and woven fabrics. With a unique design that combines the best features of our popular 10544 scissors, including finger-friendly® protection blade and alleviation grip lining, these pointed scissors feature wider finger loops for larger hands and a pointed tip for precise cuts.

These scissors are perfect for materials that require a puncturing action to provoke cuts in the centre of the material, as opposed to cuts that originate at the edge. With their durable construction, the 10546 pointed scissors’ blades last up to 11 times longer than traditional blades. They are also non-conductive, easy to clean, and never rust, making them a reliable tool for any project. Invest in these scissors for a long-lasting and efficient tool for all your cutting needs!