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Slice Auto-Retractable Utility Scraper

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Introducing the Slice® 10593 Auto-Retractable Utility Scraper, the latest finger-friendly® addition to our expanding line of safety tools. This scraper features a rounded-tip 10526 safety blade encased in a sturdy, ergonomic, reinforced nylon handle with soft grips for maximum user comfort. Unlike manual scrapers, auto-retractable scrapers usually pose a risk of causing hand strain as the user absorbs pressure in the thumb that keeps the blade extended. But Slice has solved this problem with SureScrape™, a unique mechanism that reduces strain, so users no longer have to choose between safety and comfort. As with all Slice safety ceramics, the 10593’s blade is oil and lubricant-free, chemically inert, and rust-resistant. Upgrade your safety toolbox with the Slice® 10593 Auto-Retractable Utility Scraper today.