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PHC Plastic Swivel Holster For S4, S4S and S5

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Increase productivity and safety in the workplace with the UKH-423 Plastic Swivel Holster. Designed to help employees retain cutters, this innovative holster also acts as an additional safety measure following each use. The holster automatically retracts the blade as soon as the PHC Safety Cutter is placed into it, preventing potential injuries from exposed blades. Its unique swivel design allows for comfortable positioning on the user's hip, whether sitting or standing. Users have reported substantial reductions in replacement costs and increased cutter retention when used in combination with the corresponding PHC Safety Cutter and CL-36 Lanyard. Specifically designed for the S4, S4S, and S5 Safety Cutters, the UKH-423 Holster is a must-have for any workplace focused on safety and efficiency.