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This Safety Shoe From The MASCOT®FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY Range is certified Safety Class S3; Ultra Slip Resistant Sole; EN ISO 20345: 2011 The purpose of the toe cap is to protect the toes against external blows and pressure. The cap has been tested and can resist blows and pressure of 200 joules (EN 12568). The composite toe cap does not contain metal. As composite is not thermally conductive it provides comfort in cold and warm environments.; Footwear with metatarsal protection gives the user extra peace of mind as it protects against impact and pressure to the metatarsus. The inbuilt metatarsal protection is made from a specially-developed EVA material, has shock-absorbing properties and feels soft and comfy in the shoe. Moreover, it is designed so that you hardly even notice it is there when walking or working.; Nail protection made of special fibres. The nail protection is certified under EN ISO 20345, and complies with the demands for S3-footwear. The advantage is that the footwear is more flexible and gives better protection in warm and cold conditions which provides a high degree of comfort for the wearer.; A scuff cap is an extra toe reinforcement on the outside of the upper leather. The toe reinforcement increases durability significantly, which prolongs the lifetime of the footwear. The footwear is suitable for kneeling work.; A sole edge under the sole prevents slippage on a ladder.; All of MASCOT’s comfort soles are shock-absorbing in the entire sole. This provides good walking comfort.; The comfort sole is made of PU and the running sole is made of rubber. Rubber is very heat resistant and can resist temperatures up to 300°C contact heat. All MASCOT PU/rubber soles are oil and petrol resistant as well as resistant to certain chemicals.; The sole is oil and petrol resistant.; WRU is short for Water Repellent Upper and indicates that the upper material is water-repellent.

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