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Klever Eco Xchange30 (Wide Blade Head)

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The Klever Eco XChange30™ is a plastic safety cutter made of recycled material with a wide blade head designed for cutting thicker substrates. It features a recessed blade and a reusable handle with a replaceable blade head and an integrated metal tape splitter. With the replaceable 30 head’s wide opening and high-quality carbon steel blade, it’s the perfect tool for versatile cutting tasks. Keep the handle, replace the head!

This is the FIRST recycled plastic safety cutter that reduces plastic waste by reusing the handle and only replacing the blade head. The lightweight multiple position handle allows for increased control and reach. The replaceable Wide (30) Blade Head features a single hook opening and high-quality carbon steel blade. An easy release locking tab releases replaceable blade heads. The concealed blade helps reduce cut injuries and damaged goods. The cutter also includes an integrated handle-mounted metal tape splitter to preserve blade life. It’s made with advanced plastic polymers and a high-quality carbon steel blade for superior strength and durability. This product is made in the U.S.A. and has the highest safety level. It’s ambidextrous for left and right-handed users.