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KCJ-XH-35X KLEEN™ Replacement Head (wider cut head with scraper) (Pack of 12)

KCJ-XH-35X KLEEN™ Replacement Head (wider cut head with scraper) (Pack of 12)

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Product Description

Multipurpose Wide (35) Head

  • Wide opening with innovative scraper and integrated tape-splitter — best for thicker substrates and multi-use, all-around cutting applications
  • High-quality carbon steel blade

Replacement head for Kleen XChange KCJ-XC-35X

Product Information

About Klever

Klever Innovations has revolutionised safety in the workplace with its state-of-the-art safety cutters. These cutting-edge tools prioritise user safety without compromising efficiency.

The Klever Safety Cutters are designed with precision and durability, ensuring a reliable solution for a wide range of cutting applications. What sets Klever's safety cutters apart is their intuitive design, featuring innovative features such as recessed blades and ergonomic handles, minimising the risk of injuries.

These cutters are particularly invaluable in industries where precise cutting is essential, such as manufacturing, logistics, and packaging. By combining advanced technology with a focus on safety, Klever Innovations has set a new standard in the realm of cutting tools, providing businesses with tools that enhance both productivity and worker well-being.