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KCJ-XC-30 Klever XChange (wider cut head)

KCJ-XC-30 Klever XChange (wider cut head)

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Our cutting-edge cutter is designed to provide optimal safety and convenience, with features such as a recessed blade that reduces the risk of cut injuries and damaged goods. It's perfect for cutting boxes, film, tape, and thousands of other applications.

The ergonomic ‘Soft Touch’ handle ensures maximum comfort, reducing hand fatigue and stress. The cutter also features an innovative metal tape splitter and advanced plastic polymers, which provide a soft grip handle for added comfort.

Our cutter boasts the highest level of safety, providing peace of mind during use. The interchangeable, replaceable head ensures that you'll never have to worry about dull blades. Each handle comes with one pre-loaded head, and additional heads can be purchased separately.

Choose our cutter for an efficient, reliable, and safe cutting experience. With its advanced features, it's the perfect tool for any cutting job.

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