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Bucket of Metal Scrapers (30 Scrapers)

Bucket of Metal Scrapers (30 Scrapers)

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Product Description

Looking for a heavy-duty all-purpose metal scraper that's perfect for a variety of applications? Check out the MS-410 Metal Scraper with brass slider. Whether you're cleaning glass, scraping paint, or removing floor wax in corners, this scraper is up to the task.

The push-button design moves the blade out into position and can be retracted for safe storage, making it a convenient and safe choice for any workplace. Each scraper comes loaded with one RB-009 blade, and replacement blades are available separately.

This counter display bucket contains 30 MS-410 scrapers, making it a great value for any workplace. Invest in the MS-410 metal scraper today for heavy-duty cleaning and scraping tasks.

Product Information


Material: Carbon steel blade, Metal, Brass

Dimensions: L95 mm x W50 mm  x H1 mm

Weight: 40G

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty retractable scraper
  • Locking brass slider
  • Loaded with 1 RB-009 Single Edge Blade
  • Uses RB009 or RB012 Single Edge Blades
  • Includes 30 scrapers

Ideal For

  • Cleaning Glass
  • Scraping Paint
  • Removing floor wax
  • Removing labels

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