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Bamboo Eco Trademate Non-Woven Wiper Roll 55 Sheets 28 x 26cm

Bamboo Eco Trademate Non-Woven Wiper Roll 55 Sheets 28 x 26cm

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Product Description

Wipes made from bamboo – bamboo grows up to 2 feet per day, is 100% biodegradable and fully sustainable. No use of softwood or hardwood trees that can result in deforestation. No use of plastics. No use of fossil fuels/oil reserves.

• Stronger than paper, reduces waste
• Solvent resistant and works great with oils
• Low lint, no fibres left behind
• Re-usable nature, works more like a cloth
• Perfect for Decorators, Trades, Mechanics and workshops
• Made with 80% Eco-friendly bamboo fibre

Product Information

About Ecospill

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