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Antiviral Hand & Surface wipes Jumbo tub 200 sheets 20 x 20cm

Antiviral Hand & Surface wipes Jumbo tub 200 sheets 20 x 20cm

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Product Description

Disinfecting surface wipes designed to destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi, off hard surfaces

• Hybrid disinfecting formulation suitable for use on both hands and surfaces
• Sanitises and Disinfects in one easy step
• Tested to EN1276 (antibacterial), EN14476 (virucidal), EN16615 (4-field test)
• Skin-balanced formulation
• Dermatologically Tested
• Kills Human Coronavirus, Influenza Type A, Sars, Novovirus, Bacteria and Fungi

• For wiping hands and surfaces with maximum kill rates on enveloped viruses and bacteria.

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