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Steel Blue

Southern Cross GraphTEC™ S3 Safety Boots

Southern Cross GraphTEC™ S3 Safety Boots

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Product Description

Introducing the pinnacle of safety and innovation: Steel Blue Southern Cross GraphTEC™ S3 Black Safety Boots. Engineered to redefine workplace protection, these boots merge cutting-edge GraphTEC™ technology with timeless style.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the sleek black exterior conceals a wealth of advanced features. The GraphTEC™ composite safety toe offers unparalleled strength and durability while being significantly lighter than traditional steel alternatives, ensuring all-day comfort without compromise.

With an S3 safety rating, these boots provide comprehensive protection against workplace hazards, from impact to penetration. The puncture-resistant midsole shields your feet from sharp objects, while the slip-resistant outsole delivers superior traction on various surfaces.

Experience unmatched comfort with features like a padded collar and tongue, along with a moisture-wicking lining that keeps your feet dry and fresh throughout the day. The innovative design minimises fatigue, allowing you to focus on the task at hand with confidence.

Product Information


Key Features

  • GraphTEC™: Steel Blue’s GraphTEC™ range of work boots include a Scuff Cap and TPU Outsole
  • Leather: All Steel Blue boots are made from high quality, long-lasting leather, including Nubuck, Full-Grain, TECtuff®, Suede and more
  • Steel Toe Cap:Made from hardened steel for premium toe protection
  • Penetration Resistant: An extra tough midsole to prevent sharp objects getting through to your foot
  • TPU Outsole: Our standard durable outsole with heat resistance to 130°C
  • Slip & Oil Resistance:All Steel Blue footwear is designed to exceed the Slip resistance requirement
  • Anti-Static: Prevents the build-up of static electricity within your body by dissipating it through the sole
  • Water Resistant: A special tanning process treatment means all Steel Blue boots are water resistant
  • Scuff Cap: An abrasion resistant, streamlined toe cover that covers more of the boot
  • Zip Sided: Lace Up for comfort, then use the side zips for quick access
  • Lace Up: A classic fastening for snug, well-fitting work boots
  • Fresche QuatLock™: A renewable resource that offers long-term antibacterial and antimicrobial protection against fungus, bacteria and the odours caused by bacteria
  • 30-Day 100% comfort guarantee

Data Guide

  • Upper Materials: Cowhide water-resistant fullgrain leather and stitched in nylon thread. Non-corrosive lacing
  • Lining Materials: This boot is lined with Baltico®, which is a soft, non-abrasive, hydrophobic material that wicks perspiration away from the foot, enabling the skin to remain cool and dry. Fresche® Bioscience is applied during the manufacturing process to provide antibacterial and antimicrobial protection to the boot. Fresche® Bioscience is a sustainable and renewable resource that prevents odours caused from bacteria and provides long-term protection against bacteria and fungus
  • Full Innersole: A full length footbed that is inserted into the footwear to offer additional support and comfort. This footbed is made from soft polyurethane that will retain its shape and thickness throughout the life of the boot
  • Insole: Heavy-duty, flexible anti-bacterial non-woven insole
  • Midsole: Directly moulded Polyurethane midsole for greater shock absorption. Penetration resistant midsole reduces chance of sharp objects piercing the sole.
    PureGRAPH® Graphene Enhanced Outsole and Scuff Cap With the addition of PureGRAPH® Graphene, Steel Blue has enhanced the outsole and scuff caps of our Southern Cross GraphTECTM Scuff to provide world leading durability and abrasion resistance. PureGRAPH® Graphene has been independently tested, with results showing an increase of over 200% in abrasion resistance for superior durability and additional strength. The antistatic Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) outsole is heat resistant to 130oC
  • Trisole® Comfort Technology Soling System: The Steel Blue soling system is a patented three density soling system that offers a high level of comfort, shock absorbency and energy return. The system uses PORON® as energy absorbing pads under the pressure points of the foot to give the wearer superior comfort and offers similar shock absorbency and comfort to sports footwear
  • Toe Cap: 200J Safety Steel


  • S3
  • UKCA
  • CE

Size Guide

About Steel Blue Foot Health

Steel Blue set the pace for durable, comfortable work boots so that you can perform at your best.

Their Trisole® Comfort Technology soling system has been developed to cushion your feet and absorb shock. It’s a vital foundation for your whole body.

Included in the Trisole® is their full-length Ortho Rebound® Footbed to keep you on your feet all day. Designed to cushion, cradle and support your entire foot from heel to toe, this insole is made from high quality Polyurethane so that it always retains its shape and thickness.

Your feet will stay dry with the Ortho Rebound® Footbed top cover, it’s made from abrasion-resistant, high wicking materials. They also use soft and flexible PORON® cushioning inserts, and Fresche Quatlock™ hygiene treatment to keep your feet free from odour causing bacteria and fungus.

Their Trisole® consists of:

  1. Premium leather upper with high quality internal linings
  2. Choice of a Steel, Non-Metallic or Non-Safety toe cap
  3. Ortho Rebound® Footbed top cover made from abrasion-resistant high wicking material
  4. Polyurethane footbed (our Ortho Rebound® Footbed)
  5. Anti-microbial insole with flex perforations
  6. Support shank
  7. Energy-absorbing anti-bacterial PORON® inserts
  8. Penetration Resistant midsole (on selected styles)
  9. Lightweight and shock-absorbing Polyurethane midsole
  10. Strong, long-wearing Thermoplastic Polyurethane or heat resistant Nitrile Rubber outsole