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Slice Ceramic Utility Knife Blades (Rounded Tip)

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Looking for reliable and safe utility knife blades? Look no further than Slice® 10526 ceramic blades. Specifically designed for use in Slice utility knives, these blades are made of 100% zirconium oxide, providing superior wear resistance and a long-lasting sharp edge that lasts up to 11 times longer than traditional blades. Our proprietary finger-friendly® grind ensures that the blades are safe to touch, minimising the risk of accidental cuts. With non-sparking and non-magnetic properties, these blades are perfect for use in a variety of settings. Choose the rounded-tip blade option for extra safety against unintentional punctures. And because of our proprietary manufacturing and sharpening process, these replacement blades require no additional oil coating or maintenance. Upgrade to Slice ceramic utility blades for a safer and more efficient cutting experience.