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Slice Auto-Retractable Metal Squeeze Knife

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Looking for a durable and easy-to-use metal knife with a comfortable handle and safety features? Look no further than the Slice 10493 Auto-Retractable Metal Squeeze Knife. With a squeezable handle and easy-to-grip safety trigger, this knife is both ergonomic and intuitive to use.

The knife can be locked when not in use, preventing accidental exposure of the sharp edge. The integrated lanyard hole also makes it safer to carry around. The introductory utility blade is rounded at the end for low-resistance cuts of most materials, as well as protection from accidental puncture injuries. Plus, when one side of the blade becomes dull, simply flip it over for a fresh edge.

At Dalton Safety, we offer a wide variety of Slice blades for different applications, including pointed tips and serrated edges. All Slice blades are chemically inert and never rust, ensuring they stay sharp and effective over time.