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QBD-379 PHC Safety Point Standard Utility Blade Dispenser

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Introducing the QBD-379 Blade Dispenser - the ultimate solution for safe and efficient blade dispensing. With an easy-to-pull yellow tab, this dispenser lets you dispense one SPS-92 Standard Utility Blade at a time. Featuring blunted Safety Point Tips, the SPS-92 Blade is designed to prevent puncture wounds and injuries, making it a reliable choice for any workplace.

Crafted from durable plastic, the QBD-379 Blade Dispenser holds up to 75 new blades and fits most standard utility knives. It's the perfect tool to keep your employees productive and equipped with the right cutting tools, whenever and wherever they're needed.

But that's not all - pair the QBD-379 Blade Dispenser with a PHC Blade Dispenser (such as SPD-017 or QBD-324) and create a blade change station that promotes safety and efficiency. By encouraging proper blade disposal and easy access to new replacement blades, your staff can work with confidence, knowing they're well-equipped to handle any cutting task.

Invest in the QBD-379 Blade Dispenser and PHC Blade Dispenser combo today, and take your productivity to new heights!