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QBD-379 PHC Safety Point Standard Utility Blade Dispenser

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The QBD-379 Blade Dispenser safely dispenses one SPS-92 Standard Utility Blade at a time by easily pulling the yellow tab. The SPS-92 Blade fits most standard utility knives and features Safety Point Tips. The blunted safety-points help prevent puncture wounds and injuries. The convenient gravity fed dispenser helps control blade inventory and insures that employees have the proper tools where and when needed to remain productive. The dispenser is made of durable plastic and contains 75 new blades. Plus, by pairing a PHC Blade Dispenser (SPD-017, QBD-324, or QBD-379) to the front of the PHC Blade Bank you create a blade change station that will increase the safety and efficiency of your staff. By using both items together, your employees will be encouraged to properly dispose of loose blades and easily access new replacement blades near their work stations and throughout your facility, ultimately increasing overall productivity.