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PU Spill Barrier Connection Piece

PU Spill Barrier Connection Piece

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Product Description

Our PU Spill Barrier Connection Piece allows you to connect 2 barriers together in a straight line, offering you the option of a large containment barrier.

Weight: 0.8kg

Product Information

About Ecospill

Ecospill is a pioneering environmental services company dedicated to providing sustainable and effective spill response solutions. Specializing in spill containment, cleanup, and pollution prevention, Ecospill has emerged as a reliable partner for industries seeking eco-friendly alternatives.

Their comprehensive range of spill kits, absorbents, and containment products reflects a commitment to minimizing environmental impact while addressing spill emergencies. With a focus on innovation and compliance with environmental regulations, Ecospill empowers businesses to navigate spill-related challenges responsibly.

Their solutions not only prioritise the protection of ecosystems but also contribute to a cleaner and safer industrial landscape. Ecospill's dedication to environmental stewardship positions them as a leader in the quest for sustainable spill management practices.