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MASTERTOUCH Seamless Knitted Gloves 13 Gauge

MASTERTOUCH Seamless Knitted Gloves 13 Gauge

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Product Description

Introducing the Lebon MASTERTOUCH Seamless Knitted Gloves 13 Gauge, the pinnacle of comfort, dexterity, and protection for your hands in various work environments. Crafted with precision using seamless knitting technology, these gloves offer a snug and ergonomic fit, allowing for maximum flexibility and maneuverability.

Designed for durability and versatility, the Lebon MASTERTOUCH gloves are constructed with high-quality materials that provide excellent abrasion resistance and protection against minor cuts and scratches. Whether you're handling delicate materials or performing rigorous tasks in construction, manufacturing, or assembly, these gloves offer reliable hand protection without sacrificing tactile sensitivity.

Product Information

Key Features

Seamless knitted glove

  • 13 gauge
  • 100% high density polyethylene with elastane
  • 100% green texturised polyamide
  • Mineral filament and carbon filament
  • Black BFR technology bi-polymer coating on palm and fingertips
  • Coated reinforcement between thumb and index finger
  • Elastic wrist
  • BFR Technology®: BFR TECHNOLOGY® (Breathable Flexible Resistant) is the brand new LEBON product line. The LEBON Group R&D team has developed a twin-polymer coating that gives the glove an excellent grip on dry, wet and greasy parts while maintaining excellent breathability.
  • GreenProtech: The LEBON group is proud to present its range of bi-polymer gloves GreenProtech®. This complete range of 7 protective gloves is designed for fine handling and protection against cuts. Resulting from 3 years of research, the GreenProtech® range has been developed by our Research and Development team in order to offer operators all over the world ever more efficient gloves in dry, greasy and wet environments: with a water and oil resistant coating superior to other gloves.
  • Screentech: Our protective gloves adapt to the DIGITAL age! This technology makes possible to use touch screen devices without removing your protective gloves.


  • DERMATEST® - Scientific, dermatological and biological methods, applied during in-depth clinical studies, allow the Dermatest® Institute, to accurately measure the effectiveness and safety of the product. This Lebon product have received an "excellent" rating following dermatological tests carried out by Dermatest®, proof of the attention paid to quality and well-being by the Lebon group.
  • OEKO-TEX® - The OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification gives you confidence and security in your choice of products, so you can be sure that : - Your product is safe for your health and skin. - Your product complies with a demanding international certification. - Your product is part of a Sustainable Development dimension.

EN ISO 21420: No specifications available

EN 388:2016:

  • Resistance to abrasion: 4/4
  • Blade cut resistance: X
  • Tear resistance: 4/4
  • Puncture resistance: 2/4
  • Blade cut resistance according to ISO 13997: D


  • Burning behaviour: X
  • Contact heat: 1/4
  • Convective heat: X
  • Radiant heat: X
  • Small splashes of molten metal: X
  • Large splashes of molten metal: X

EN 16350:

  • Vertical resistance EN 1149-2: 3,5x10^5Ω

Food Contact: MASTERTOUCH® complies with EU Regulation 1935/2004 on food contact


  • Assembly
  • Auto
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Food
  • Glass
  • Logistics
  • Metal
  • Plastics
  • Rubber
  • Welding

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About Lebon

The LEBON group and its teams have made a firm commitment to a process of social and environmental responsibility because it is vital that Company now starts to move in a new direction.

To that end, it is important to communicate a strong message about our organisation’s best CSR practices, highlight the citizens commitments being made in our company, value the work our teams are doing in terms of sustainable development and take a proactive role in a positive movement that seeks to make LEBON Group an operator in the transition to sustainability and social responsibility.The commitment of each and every one of us will bring us success.

Our entire body of expertise goes into your protection. We started out in 1973 with the idea of finding out exactly what our customers wanted, and we have never stopped doing that.

Understanding and satisfying your requirements enables us to continuously improve using latest generation tools. This has enabled us to improve the quality and performance of our products while respecting the environment as well. We are proud to have been producing quality gloves at LEBON for 3 generations.