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KCJ-1XSS KLEEN™ Kutter (with Stainless Steel Blade) (Pack of 10)

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Introducing our top-quality antimicrobial Kleen™ safety cutters that come with a special material to effectively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, making it a perfect addition to your existing hygiene practices. Designed with a recessed blade, our cutter reduces the risk of cut injuries and damaged goods while allowing you to cut through boxes, films, tapes, and thousands of other applications with ease.

Crafted from high-quality carbon steel, our cutter is small, convenient, and durable, ensuring the highest level of safety during use. It is also disposable for added convenience. While our antimicrobial material offers protection to the product, it does not safeguard users or others against viruses, germs, or other disease-causing organisms.

To ensure maximum hygiene, we recommend cleaning and washing the product thoroughly according to your industry's guidelines. Additionally, the active antimicrobial component in our cutter is an integral ingredient of the formulation, and not just a coating or treatment that can wash off or wear away. Trust our Kleen™ safety cutters for optimal hygiene and safety.