EBC1X Kleen™ Antimicrobial Enclosed Blade Safety Cutter

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The KLEEN™ EBC1X is an antimicrobial safety cutter designed for maximum protection. Made from a unique material that inhibits bacterial growth, this Concealed Blade Safety Cutter features a recessed blade for added safety. Unlike traditional utility knives and cutters with exposed blades, the blade in the KLEEN™ EBC1X is concealed, providing complete protection to the user. The bladeless tape splitter allows for opening boxes without using a blade, preventing damage to box contents. The EBC1X is a versatile tool that can cut through corrugated and cardboard boxes, stretch/shrink wrap, plastic strapping, box tape, and more. With a lanyard hole for easy tethering to a PHC lanyard, the KLEEN™ EBC1X is a safe and convenient option for all your cutting needs.