DFC364X Kleen Antimicrobial Disposable Film Cutter

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The KLEEN™ DFC364X is a unique Disposable Film Cutter designed for safety and cleanliness. It is made of an antimicrobial material that prevents bacterial growth, making it ideal for use in healthcare and food processing environments. The blade is recessed for maximum protection, reducing the risk of accidents. With the added convenience of a metal bladeless tape splitter, users can easily open boxes without using a blade, ensuring that contents are not damaged. The KLEEN™ DFC364X is versatile and can be used to cut through a variety of materials such as stretch/shrink wrap, plastic strapping, bags, and box tape. It also features a lanyard hole for easy attachment to a PHC lanyard, ensuring it is always within reach. Choose the KLEEN™ DFC364X for a safe and hygienic cutting solution.