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BH-00206 PHC Blade Disposal Back with Wall Bracket 1 Loose

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Looking for a safe and convenient way to dispose of used razor blades in the workplace? The Blade Bank is your answer. As the safest and most convenient method, the Blade Bank eliminates potential liabilities and safety risks caused by loose blades, making it a key component of our Safety First System. With the Blade Bank, blades are kept out of reach of customers, off the ground, and away from other potentially hazardous locations. Each Blade Bank can safely contain over 750 used blades and is easily mountable to walls, posts, pallet racks, and more.

To further increase safety and efficiency, pair one of PHC's Blade Dispensers (SPD-017, QBD-324, or QBD-379) to the front of the Blade Bank. This creates a convenient blade change station that encourages employees to properly dispose of loose blades and access new replacement blades near their workstations, leading to increased overall productivity.

With the BH-00206, you'll receive the Blade Bank as well as the wall mount bracket and mounting screws, making installation even easier. Don't wait - invest in the Blade Bank and Blade Dispenser today for a safer and more efficient workplace.