Here at Dalton Safety sustainability is something that we are very conscious about. Where we can we try to be as sustainable as possible. We will always reuse any cardboard boxes that we can and these are used to deliver to our customers. 

We also now have our very own recycle scheme in place that all of our customers can take advantage of.

The process for this is very simple:

You collect the ceramic blades, metal blades or disposable knives in a box. These must be separate and if they are metal blades they should be collected in a sharps box.

You will then arrange delivery of these direct to our warehouse once a box is full.

The package must be clearly labelled where it has come from and a contact email and telephone number.

Once they arrive with us you will get an acknowledgement that we have received these. 

We will then take them to our local recycling plant where the products will then be recycled.