Debbie Croft

Health and Safety manager distribution

JD Sports Fashion

Distribution centre for all products from JD Sports

JD Sports Fashion

How many employees within your business regularly use safety products, workwear or safety consumables?


What departments, areas or job roles within your business regularly use safety products?

Distribution centre

Which types of products are regularly in use within your business?

Cutting tools

What specific product(s) do you use most?

Slice 10512 auto pen cutter and 00200 safety cutter

    What problems have been solved by using our products? Or, what improvements or results have you seen?

    Since using these tools we have had zero cuts

    Why did you choose Dalton Safety as your safety product partner?

    Dalton Safety's extensive knowledge and customer service enabled us to trial different tools to then be able to select the best suited tools for our tasks

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