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Ultra Drain Guard

Ultra Drain Guard

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Product Description

Ultra Drain Guards are designed to remove oil and sediment pollution from surface water running into gully drains from surrounding construction sites, farms, industrial estates, or other areas prone to storm water pollution or cleaning operations.

Ultra Drain Guards are made from a high permeability non-woven polypropylene geotextile that trap solids and oils but allow water to drain through and also incorporate bypass ports to further maintain flow into the drain.

They are designed to be easily placed directly into the drain gully pot to filter out materials as they flow into the drain without compromising drainage, and the Oil and Sediment model absorbs up to 3.29 litres of hydrocarbons as well as up to 18 kg of sediment, sand or debris.

Size: 121.9cm x 91.4cm x 45.7cm

Oil Capture: 1.29 Litres

Sediment Capture: 18kg

Flow Rate: 1893 1/min

Collection Area: 25.4cm x 45.7cm

Product Information

About Ecospill

Ecospill is a pioneering environmental services company dedicated to providing sustainable and effective spill response solutions. Specializing in spill containment, cleanup, and pollution prevention, Ecospill has emerged as a reliable partner for industries seeking eco-friendly alternatives.

Their comprehensive range of spill kits, absorbents, and containment products reflects a commitment to minimizing environmental impact while addressing spill emergencies. With a focus on innovation and compliance with environmental regulations, Ecospill empowers businesses to navigate spill-related challenges responsibly.

Their solutions not only prioritise the protection of ecosystems but also contribute to a cleaner and safer industrial landscape. Ecospill's dedication to environmental stewardship positions them as a leader in the quest for sustainable spill management practices.