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MASCOT®MULTISAFE Winter Jacket 19835

MASCOT®MULTISAFE Winter Jacket 19835

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This Winter Jacket From The MASCOT®MULTISAFE Range is certified OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100; EN ISO 11612 (A1, A2, B1, C1, E1, F1); EN ISO 11611 - class 1 (A1 + A2); EN 1149-3; EN 1149-5; EN 61482-1-1 (ATPV - 28.2 cal/cm²); EN 61482-1-2 class 2; EN 13034 (Type 6); EN 343 3/1; EN 342 3/WP (0.308 clo); EN ISO 20471 - class 2 (XS); EN ISO 20471 - class 3; Hi-Vis Group A Breathability in waterproof/water-repellent clothing is especially important if you sweat while working in cold environments. If you do not get rid of the moisture, there is a great risk that your wet clothes will get cold and you will freeze as a result.; This symbol is your assurance that MASCOT does not allow as much as a single drop of water penetrate. ; When your clothing is windproof you hold heat more easily. Choose products with this symbol when you don’t want the wind to disrupt your everyday comfort.; Your fluorescent clothing keeps you visible, but it must be kept clean to be seen, which is not always easy. MASCOT helps to keep your clothing dirt free with a stain-resistant treatment. When your clothes are stain resistant, you will be more visible and therefore safer for longer.; All of MASCOT's clothes are, of course, designed for movement. But if you have a particular need for clothing that supports, assists and just plain fits, in all body positions, then go for the ergonomic fit.

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