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EUPW9E20 Cut Resistant Gloves

EUPW9E20 Cut Resistant Gloves

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Product Description

Introducing the Manosun EUPW9E20 Anti-Static PU Palm Glove Gauge 18 – where advanced technology meets superior protection. Meticulously crafted for industries demanding static control and precision handling, these gloves redefine performance with an ultra-fine Gauge 18 knit construction and Anti-Static PU Palm coating.

Designed for delicate tasks in electronics, assembly, and precision manufacturing, the EUPW9E20 gloves offer an impeccable fit and exceptional tactile sensitivity. The Anti-Static PU Palm coating not only ensures a secure grip but also guards against static discharges, making these gloves an essential choice for environments where sensitive electronic components are handled.

With a focus on precision and comfort, these gloves provide the flexibility needed for intricate tasks. The Manosun EUPW9E20 Anti-Static PU Palm Glove Gauge 18 is the ultimate solution for professionals who demand both static control and precise hand protection.

Product Information


Key Features

  •  EN16350 certified
  • 10-finger touch screen compatible
  • 18 gauge knit contributing it the thinnest and finest cut & anti-static glove
  • Over 33% lighter than a standard cut & anti-static glove
  • Perfect dexterity, flexibility & fitting
  • GripMaster PU palm guaranteeing super grip in both dry and slightly wet working conditions
  • Available in fingertip version (EUPW8E20)


  • Coating: PU
  • Colour: White
  • Liner: UHMWPE/Function Yarn
  • Colour: Grey
  • Finishing: Foamed
  • Cuff Style: Knit Wrist
  • Gauge: 18


  • EN388
  • ANSI A3
  • EN16350


  • Assembly
  • Aerospace
  • Cleanroom
  • Automotive
  • Laboratory
  • Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Circuit Boards

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About Manosun

Here at Manosun hand protection we want to bring a change to the end-user experience in selecting and buying industrial gloves, gauntlets and sleeves (PPE).

We have selected some of Europe’s most respected hand protection specialists to work with the end-users in offering solutions to handling issues as well as product development, not all solutions are on the shelf.

Manosun hand protection is a product manufactured 100% by one 2nd generation factory partner out of China; where product development and yarn innovation come together under one-roof. They take pride in protecting the hands of industry with a pledge that, hand protection although the last line of defence should not be a generic, least considered, consumable piece of PPE.

By selecting the correct hand protection for your needs you can reduce glove usage by almost 48%, you can reduce the severity of injury by 64% and by default; reduces cost to the business and increases productivity and morale within the workforce.