Simon Ashcroft

EHS Advisor


Part of Johnson Matthey PLC, and work within the oil ad gas sector.


How many employees within your business regularly use safety products, workwear or safety consumables?


What departments, areas or job roles within your business regularly use safety products?

All areas of the business

Which types of products are regularly in use within your business?

Cutting tools

What specific product(s) do you use most?

Slice 00200 safety cutter and Slice 10591 scraper

    What problems have been solved by using our products? Or, what improvements or results have you seen?

    Lots of cuts from opening boxes and packaging as well as cutting intricate cables

    Why did you choose Dalton Safety as your safety product partner?

    The support we were given by Dalton Safety from start to finish was amazing. We were able to have a site visit and go round the whole site to look at all possibilities that we could make changes to. As a company they are very switched on and informative.

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