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Super-Safe™ Carton Opener

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Looking for a safe and efficient way to open cartons? Look no further than the Slice® Super-Safe™ Carton Opener! This unique knife is designed with dexterity in mind, making it perfect for those wearing work gloves or with other grip issues.

The large, circular handle fits comfortably in your palm for easy, straight, and flush cuts. Simply press the orange button with your index finger to unlock the blade guard, and then press the tool down onto the cutting surface to make the cut. Once the 10477 is no longer in contact with the cutting surface, the blade guard automatically redeploys, ensuring your safety in case of a slip.

As with all Slice tools, the Super-Safe™ Carton Opener features a finger-friendly® blade that's safe to the touch and lasts up to 11 times longer than comparable steel blades. The rounded-tip blade (10526) can be replaced with an optional pointed-tip blade (10528) for materials that require puncturing to initiate the cut.

Looking to add your logo to this high-quality tool? Simply use the contact form on our homepage to make an inquiry. Upgrade your carton-opening game with the Slice® Super-Safe™ Carton Opener today!