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Smart-Retracting Squeeze-Trigger Utility Knife

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The Slice® 10564 Smart-Retracting Squeeze-Trigger Utility Knife brings a new level of safety to this popular handle style. Not only does it feature smart retraction—the blade retracts when it loses contact with the cutting surface, even if the trigger is engaged—but it includes a finger-friendly® blade. Slice blades are designed with a patent-pending edge that cuts effectively and is safe to the touch. This means that any slips are unlikely to cause serious injuries. In addition, our advanced ceramic blades never rust and last 11 times longer than standard steel blades.


The 10564’s squeeze-trigger handle makes getting to work easy: just pick up and squeeze—handy when you’re wearing safety gloves. Its textured grip reduces slip and the sturdy glass-filled nylon handle is designed for heavy industrial use.


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