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Seam Ripper Blades (Pointed Tip)

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Looking for a precise and efficient seam ripper blade for your crafting needs? Look no further than the Slice® 10537 Seam Ripper Blades with Pointed Tip! These blades feature an incredibly slim tip that effortlessly slides into the tight spaces between small stitches. With their clean construction, they capture and cut thread without damaging surrounding fabric. Ideal for precise work, such as picking the first stitches in a seam or weeding vinyl in the sign industry, the 10537 blade is a must-have tool. Plus, with Slice's proprietary finger-friendly® grind on the side, you can cut with ease and confidence. These blades are compatible with the 10596 and 10597 seam ripper handles, as well as craft knife handles, the Precision Knife, and the 10568 scalpel handle. Choose Slice for all your crafting needs!