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Retractable Precision Cutter

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Looking for a precision cutter that's both safe and effective? Look no further than the Slice® 10417 Retractable Precision Cutter! Featuring a proprietary finger-friendly® grind and a micro-ceramic blade, the 10417 is the ultimate tool for cutting intricate details into thin materials.

With an easy-to-control handle and a familiar plunger mechanism that retracts the blade, using the 10417 is as simple and intuitive as using a ballpoint pen. And with our advanced 100 percent zirconium oxide ceramic blade, you can enjoy up to 11 times longer blade life compared to traditional blades - without any need for oil coating or lubricant.

Thanks to its onboard pen clip, the 10417 is easy to carry in your pocket, and with its simple no-tool blade change mechanism, you can switch blades in a snap. Plus, as with all Slice safety blades, the 10417 is chemically inert and rust-resistant for maximum durability.

Upgrade your cutting game with the Slice® 10417 Retractable Precision Cutter today and experience the ultimate in precision, safety, and convenience!