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Long-Handled Scraper

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The Slice® 10599 Long-Handled Scraper extends your reach with a sturdy aluminum handle. This exceptionally designed scraper has a weight that’s balanced to feel solid without being too heavy to use comfortably. The angled blade encourages a natural wrist and arm position to improve ergonomics. 


The 10599 uses Slice industrial blades. These 12-centimeter- / 4-inch-wide blades increase the scraping area, thus tackling larger jobs more efficiently. All Slice blades are made from non-rusting 100-percent zirconium oxide and last up to 11 times longer than comparable metal blades. They feature our finger-friendly® grinding process—which means the edge is much safer than traditional, dangerously sharp blades.


This scraper’s installed blade features rounded tips. The 10599 is also compatible with the 10539 Industrial Blades (Pointed Tip) and the 10540 Industrial Blades (Serrated). Slice’s largest scraper effectively removes paint, epoxies, and adhesives from smooth surfaces.