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KCJ-XC-30X KLEEN™ X-Change (wider cut head)

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Our Kleen™ safety cutters feature antimicrobial properties to prevent the growth of bacteria that could affect the product's quality. With a recessed blade that reduces cut injuries and damages, they can cut through boxes, film, tape, and many other materials. The ergonomic "soft touch" handle reduces hand fatigue, while the innovative metal tape splitter provides added convenience. These cutters also offer the highest safety level and come with interchangeable heads that are replaceable (one pre-loaded per handle, with additional heads sold separately). They're available in narrow and multipurpose wide heads, and made of advanced plastic polymers with soft-grip handles. Please note that while the antimicrobial component is an integral ingredient and won't wash off or wear away, it doesn't protect against viruses, germs, or other disease organisms. Please clean and wash the cutters thoroughly according to your industry's guidelines.

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