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Shoes For Crews


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Looking for a safety shoe that combines work shoe safety features with athletic styling and comfort? Look no further than the Colly, our latest safety shoe designed for those who want the best of both worlds.

Featuring a superior, SFC slip and clog-resistant outsole with TripGuard technology, this shoe is designed to keep you safe and stable on any surface. The waterproof microfibre upper and nano composite toe cap with 200 joules of protection make this shoe durable and puncture-resistant.

The shoe also boasts a removable cushioned insole for added comfort and a regular fit that lets you work hard all day. Plus, it's metal-free and S3 certified for peace of mind.

Other features and benefits of the Colly include:

  • A comfortable, athletic design that blends seamlessly with any outfit
  • CE certified for added safety

Choose the Colly for the perfect combination of work shoe safety features and athletic styling, all in one comfortable and reliable shoe.