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Chisel Blades (Narrow, Double-Sided)

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The Slice® 10535 Chisel Blades (Narrow, Double-Sided) are a stronger, safer alternative for those who use chisel blades with craft knives. These thicker-than-standard blades are made with superior ceramics—much tougher than steel—for sturdiness and strength. At the same time, they feature our proprietary finger-friendly® edge, which makes them protected to the touch. The slim profile lets you get into tight areas for tricky work. Each side lasts up to eleven times longer than a same metal blade. When the first side wears out, simply flip the blade round for a clean edge. Slice blades are all non-sparking, non-conductive, and chemically inert. They won’t rust and they match in a range of our craft handles to suit your needs.