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5x7 - High Contrast Industrial Spectacles

5x7 - High Contrast Industrial Spectacles

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SKU: 5X7.03.00.04
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Product Description

Lens technology:

Frame technology:

Overspec, Adjustment of temples in length, Rubber Terminal, Terminal tilting movement and SoftPad.

Conditions of use:


Lens technology:

Anti-Scratch + Anti-Fog (KN - Vanguard PLUS) and UV525.

Lens color:


Lens material:


Frame color:



EN166 and EN170.

Scale number:


Mechanical resistance:

Low energy impact (F).

Optional requirements:

Resistance to surface damage by fine particles (K), Resistance to fogging of oculars (N) and Protection against high speed particles at extreme temperatures -5°/+55° C (T).

Optical class:

Optical class (1).


Product code (EU): 5X7.03.00.04

Frame mark (EU): Mod.5X7 U EN166 FT U EN175 FT CE

Lens mark (EU): 2-1.7 U 1 FT K N CE

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