Hand Protection Audit

At Dalton Safety, we specialise in providing the best hand protection solutions for our customers needs. We have developed a five-step process that enables us to advise Health and Safety professionals on the options available to improve their cutting safety, reduce potential risks whilst maintaining performance and productivity. The process is simple and can be carried out by video call if permitted or face to face.

How does this work?

Step1: Introduction: After an initial introduction we aim to understand the
fundamentals of your business and your goals with relation to safety along
with any safety policies you have in place. For example, do you insist on the
use of anti -cut gloves? Or Auto-retracting blade mechanisms? The more
information we can gather the easier it is to make clear recommendations.

Step 2: Identify: We identify all the tools currently being used as well as any
protective equipment such as gloves and anti-cut sleeves. Understanding
which brands and models are used is extremely helpful.

Step 3: Use: How are your staff using the tools to complete the processes
identified? Are they using the tools safely? If we are unable to watch staff
working in person, then video calls will suffice where permitted.

Step 4: Recommendation: After gathering all the information above, we will
prepare a report on all our findings and provide recommendations. From this
we will then provide samples of products that we believe will improve hand
protection at your company. You can then test these on the processes within
your organisation, giving employees the opportunity to provide us with
feedback while testing them in their everyday duties.

Step 5: Training: Where required we can provide training for implementing
the use of new tools within your business.

To request a hand protection audit simply completing the form below or give
us a call on 0800 9874000.