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Cold Weather System Frost Cape

Cold Weather System Frost Cape

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Product Description

Introducing the Centurion Cold Weather System Frost Cape – the ultimate shield against frigid temperatures and biting winds. Expertly crafted and designed for maximum protection, this frost cape offers unparalleled warmth and comfort in harsh winter conditions.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Centurion Frost Cape provides superior insulation to keep your entire upper body warm and shielded from the elements. Its windproof and water-resistant outer layer repels moisture and blocks out cold drafts, while the fleece-lined interior offers plush comfort against your skin.

Designed for versatility, this frost cape features an adjustable hood and neckline for a customizable fit and added protection. Whether you're working outdoors, commuting in cold weather, or engaging in winter sports, the Centurion Frost Cape ensures you stay cozy and comfortable no matter the conditions.

Easy to wear and layer, this frost cape is designed to be worn over your existing clothing and gear, providing an extra layer of warmth and insulation without restricting movement. Its lightweight and packable design make it convenient to carry with you wherever your adventures take you.

Product Information


  • Frost Cape Weight: 73g

Key Features

  • Water resistant outer with fleece inner and bright orange or yellow colour with reflective rear strip. Zip top fastening to be fitted to fleece helmet liner
  • Also available with ear defender compatibility; Features intergrated Fleece Helmet Liner and the facility to use helmet mounted Ear Defenders or for improved hearing due to mesh ear flaps
  • Available in two colours, Bright Yellow and Bright Orange


  • CE Approved to fit all Centurion Helmets. When fitted to a Centurion helmet has been tested satisfactorily in our laboratory to EN 397

About Centurion

Centurion head protection is synonymous with cutting-edge safety and innovation in the realm of personal protective equipment. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, Centurion has developed a range of head protection solutions that seamlessly blend comfort, durability, and advanced technology.

Whether it's the robust design of their industrial helmets, the intelligent integration of impact-resistant materials, or the ergonomic fit ensuring wearer comfort, Centurion sets a benchmark for head protection in various sectors.

From construction sites to industrial facilities, Centurion's commitment to keeping individuals safe underscores its position as a trusted leader in the field of head protection.