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5x7 - Solar/Welding IR 1.7 Industrial Spectacles

5x7 - Solar/Welding IR 1.7 Industrial Spectacles

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Product Description

Introducing the Univet 5x7 Solar/Welding IR 1.7 Industrial Spectacles, your ultimate solution for comprehensive eye protection in solar and welding environments. Crafted by Univet, a trusted leader in safety eyewear, these spectacles offer unparalleled clarity and shielding against intense light and welding hazards.

Designed to excel in both solar and welding applications, the Univet 5x7 Solar/Welding IR 1.7 Industrial Spectacles feature specialised lenses with an infrared (IR) coating. These lenses effectively filter out harmful UV rays and intense light emitted during welding processes, ensuring clear vision and protection against potential eye damage.

With a lightweight and ergonomic design, these spectacles provide all-day comfort, enabling you to work with ease and focus. The adjustable temple arms ensure a secure fit for various face shapes, offering stability and peace of mind.


Product Information


  • Frame mark (EU): Mod.5X7 U EN166 FT U EN175 FT CE
  • Lens mark (EU): 1.7/2C-1.7/4-1.7/6-1.7 U 1 FT K CE
  • Frame technology: Overspec, Adjustment of temples in length, Rubber Terminal, Terminal tilting movement, SoftPad
  • Conditions of use: Welding, IR, High brightness
  • Lens technology: Anti-Scratch (K)
  • Lens colour: Green
  • Lens material: Polycarbonate
  • Frame colour: Gunmetal/Green
  • Standards: EN166, EN169, EN170, EN171, EN172, EN175
  • Scale number: (2C-1.7), (4-1.7), (6-1.7), Welding (1.7)
  • Mechanical resistance: Low energy impact (F)
  • Optional requirements: Resistance to surface damage by fine particles (K), Protection against high speed particles at extreme temperatures -5°/+55° C (T)
  • Optical class: Optical class (1)
  • Weight: 37g

Key Features

  • UPPER FRONTAL: Grants comfort and stability with a shockproof effect
  • SIDE SHIELDS: Improved peripheral protection even in combination with eyeglasses
  • NO TEMPLES OVERLAPPING: Avoids the annoying overlapping of temples between the two glasses, for comfort and greater stability even in prolonged use
  • RUBBER TERMINAL WITH TILTING MOVEMENT & LENGTH ADJUSTMENT: Allows to obtain the correct fit and work in constant safety

About Univet

Univet is a distinguished name in the field of eyewear, particularly renowned for its commitment to producing high-performance safety glasses and goggles. Catering to a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and laboratory environments, Univet eyewear seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with ergonomic design.

The brand is known for its use of advanced materials that provide not only optimal eye protection but also clarity and comfort for extended wear. Univet's safety eyewear often features anti-fog coatings, impact-resistant lenses, and adjustable components, ensuring a customised fit for different face shapes and working conditions.

With a strong emphasis on innovation and user safety, Univet has earned a reputation as a trusted provider of protective eyewear, meeting the stringent requirements of professionals across various sectors.